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Wedding Invitation Tips To Follow

When you are planning your wedding, there are certain things you should never forget to do. One of the critical things you should never neglect is sending wedding invitations. The invitations are necessary because they act as the welcome for those who you want to attend your event. Without the wedding invitations, some of the people you want to attend might not come. Like any other project, there are certain things you should do to make your wedding invitation stand out.

Here are some of the wedding tips you should follow.

Have a theme

It is good to know that the wedding invitations will be the first contact point you have with those who you want to attend your wedding. The invitations will also act as the beginning point of your theme. They give your guests some ideas on the way your wedding will be. For instance, the invitations will show different themes such as rustic, black-tie formal, elegant, fairytale and others. You need to select colours and papers that will showcase your style and carry this theme during your entire wedding.

Selection of the paper

There are various styles of papers to select for your invitations. Some of the most popular ones include cotton, heavy card stock and vellum. Traditionally, heavy car stock was the most common paper used. It was preferred because of its high durability and is available in a wide range of colours, so you get the colour you want. Cotton is more costly, but it is more durable and elegant. So, depending on your budget and preference, you need to select a paper that will help you attain the intended goals.


You do not have to be complicated as you choose and design the wedding invitations. It is advisable you have fewer lines to make it easy for your guests to read and make it more appealing. Make sure that you only include some of the most critical information. If you have other information you want to include, you can have extra card enclosures. The critical information that the card should have to include your names, date, location, time and the reception.


It is good to observe envelope etiquette as you prepare your wedding card. You can add a personal touch by handwriting the name of your guests and their addresses. To create a significant impression, it is good to work with a calligrapher to design the address on your envelope. Another cost-effective option is to go for digital calligraphy and is better compared to illegible handwriting. Make sure you use the full names of your guests instead of using nicknames. Get creative with your wedding invitations.

Wedding invitation suite

It is critical you have a reception card, directions and other elements in your wedding invitation. These elements should be in line with your theme. It is good that you have extra wedding invitations because you might have additional guests. To get the best wedding invitations, it is good to work with a professional designer with some knowledge and skills on how they need to be done well.